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Kejriwal Jokes on April fool Day

strong rumor that AAP is split into 5 parties …

1.  Basic Aam Aadmi Party or BAAP
2. Principled Aam Aadmi Party or PAAP
3.  Anti-National Aam Aadmi Party- ANAAP (or ANAAP-SHANAAP colloquially)
4. Nayi Aam Aadmi Party- NAAP
and finally…  drum roll please ..   LOL
5. Congress risen Aam Aadmi Party- CRAAP (or CRAP colloquially)
National day for Akela Arvind Party of Fools #AAPrilFoolsDay
Biggest joke of the year…..kejriwal is stupid so are the people voted for him….seems delhi people wants free wifi more than jobs , infrastructure…..��������

Wish you all a very #AAPrilfoolsDay : Arvind Kejriwal

Kejriwal Jokes on April fool Day.. April fool day Jokes on Aam Adami party.. Kejriwal latest jokes.. Trending kejriwal jokes

Funny life cycle of Aam Aadmi Party

Kejriwal Jokes on April fool Day.. April fool day Jokes on Aam Adami party.. Kejriwal latest jokes.. Trending kejriwal jokes
Mai to pahle hi kahta tha hamari koi aukat nahi hey..

Kaash Zindagi ek computer hoti

Dil agar ”CPU”hota to yaadon ko ”SAVE” kr lete,

dimag mein agar ”PRINTER” hota to khayallo ki ”PRINT OUT” nikal dete,

dharkan me agar ”PEN DRIVE” hoti to zindagi ka ”BACK- UP” le lete,

mann jo ”BLUETOOTH” hota to baaton ko ”TRANSFER” kar lete,

akkheon me jo ”WEBCAM” hota to tasviro ko ”RECEIVE” ke lete,

kaaaas !

Zindagi ek ”COMPUTER” hoti to use bhi ”RESTART” kar lete.

Whatsapp jokes on Garami or Heat

42°+ temperature….
Dear Sun,
Please go to settings>display>brightness and lower your brightness! Please its too hot to handle!
Sun replied…
I have not changed any settings.
Please go to your settings and…
1. Increase number of trees…
2. Reduce carbon emissions levels…
3. Reduce concrete jungles…
4. Increase number of lakes…
Basically, switch to human mode from auto mode…!!!
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Best funny Interview Jokes

Interviewer: Where did u graduate from?
Candidate: IIN.
Interviewer: How many doors are there in this room?
Candidate: Two.
Interviewer: Choose any One to get out !!!!!
Sardar went for Interview
funny sardar interview jokes.. Interview jokes..
Interviewer : What’s your name?
Applicant : Vijay Dhinanath Chauhan.
Interviewer : But on the application form it’s written Jignesh shah.

Applicant : To puch kyu raha hai BC?

Exam results Jokes

Jo STUDENTS paas ho jaye unko
Jo STUDENTS fail ho jaye unko

Boys vs Girls Hindi Jokes

Me : Why do you guys break up ? ☹
Friend : Mujhe kutta kutta kehti thi aur Apne kutte ko babu ����
How we give nick names*
For Girls: Her name is Shivaani. We call her shivi…
For Boys: His name is chaman….. We call him chutiya…..

Today’s Girls Jokes

Worried mother gives her daughter a pack of condoms before a date.
Girl laughs & hugs her mother
I’m Dating with Julie,
Give me Mulie..
In a girls whats app group…
Girl 1: I went on date yesterday.
Girl 2: which restaurants?
Girl 3:

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